Get inspired by our Sightrunning tours.

Classic Run – Along the Rhine

🏃‍♂️ Discover Düsseldorf Step by Step! 🏃‍♀️

Lenght: 8km, ~1 hour

Classic Sightrun along Rhine river
Classic Sightrun with team Belgium

You love jogging at a cosy natural place along a river? Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the Rhine metropolis and experience Düsseldorf from a whole new perspective – with our exciting sightrunning tour along the picturesque Rhine river! 🌊
Get Ready to cross 2 bridges and having an amazing view on our tiny Skyline 🏰.

Running Harbour Tour

⛵ Discover the Harbor ! 🏃‍♀️

Lenght: 6 km, ~45 min

Sightrunners from NL in front of Gehry Building
Sightrunners from NL in front of Gehry Building

You are more for a short track and like to see elegant buildings? Imagine yourself in the modern elegance of Düsseldorf’s Media Harbor and experience the fusion of architecture, creativity, and athletic activity with our exciting jogging tour! 👭
See the newest part of the city, directly South of our Old town.

City Run around Kingsstreet

🛍️ Run to shop – Central city run! 🏃‍♀️

Lenght: 7 km, ~55 min

City Run at Königsallee
City Run at Königsallee

You like to explore the streets of the city?Runwith us on the most famous street of Düsseldorf, seeing the rich and enjoying the shopping street Königsallee. 🏛️

Explore the green loung of the city by passing a lot of gardens and parks 🌳 by having a city running tour. 🎨

Nightrun Düsseldorf

🌙 Discover Düsseldorf’s Nighttime  🌉

Lenght: 8 km, ~1 hour

Nightrun Düsseldorf
Nightrun with Schlossturm

🌇 Immerse yourself in the magical ambiance of the city as the lights come alive, transforming the streets of Düsseldorf into a sparkling kaleidoscope.
Our unique Night Jogging Tour offers you the chance to experience the beauty of the city in the stillness of the night. 🌠

Sightrun XXL

🏞️ Enjoy the riverscenery🏃‍♀️

Lenght: 18-24 km, ~2-3 hours

Sightrun XXL along the river with fun
Having Fun at our Düsseldorf Sightrun

You like Sightrunning but you need more than 8 km?
Follow us! We can run a long distance , show you a nice way and make between 15 and 24 km (your choice) along the rhine, passing the stadium or maybe even taking a ferry 🛥️.

Individual Tour

🛴 Let´s do something unique! 🚀

Lenght: Let´s align!

Sightskating as individual tour idea
Doing something new?

Not in the mood of the normal runs?
We can do Sightskating 🛼,
we can create new runs, we can do a trailrun,
a tour with mountainbike 🚵‍♂️ into our little forest🌳🌳 or having a run with ball ⚽️.
Let´s be creative! Happy to explore new ways to breeth the city together with you!