You are new to Düsseldorf.
You do not know the soul of the city.
You are on a business trip. Meeting after meeting.
You are exhausted. People want you to drink a beer.

You would love to do sports, you want to explore the city.

The solution for you is: Sightrunning!

We prepared a little video for you to show you what we mean by Sightrunning:

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Shopping Run, a lot of parks and Kö Flavour

Run through Düsseldorf when it is dark.

About Sightrunning in general

If you have no time for Sightseeing. But you want to know about the city.
If you want to do sports abroad but actually you don’t know where to start.
If you are exhausted after a successful business day and don’t know what to do.
Sightrunning is the answer!

Also if you are an expat and are new to Düsseldorf (or any other city) – Sightrunning helps you to get connected and to learn about the city. Locals will show you special places, must sees and you will feel a bit more homish.

You can start directly here and combine running and sightseeing now with us 🙂.
You can RUN TO KNOW Düsseldorf, because we love RUNNING and we love DÜSSELDORF <3, it is a kind of passion!

What actually happens on a Sightrun?

Sightrunning combines Sightseeing of a city with sport. This means you will explore the city without bus, car or other vehicles, you will also not walk through the city, no, you will run (in an easy pace) through a city.
While running, you have a guide with you that explains you some sightseeing spots. So you can combine Sightseeing with running.

Sightrunning in Düsseldorf

Check out what you can expect when you do a classic Sightrunning tour in Düsseldorf with us:

While Sightruninng, you will see the Skyline of Düsseldorf
Amazing view when the sun is going down
  • You will cross the Rhein river, you will see Oberkassel and also parts of the oldtown.
  • You will get nice insights like you are used to on a good Sightseeing tour.
  • You will feel exhausted (if you fancy) as you are used to when doing sports.

Not 100% Convinced? See what others tell about us:

These are our Google reviews so far:

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Absoluter Daumen nach oben! Ich habe mit Jens und Flo ein hervorragendes Sightrunning durch Düsseldorf erlebt, dabei viel Wissenswertes erfahren und tolle Locations gesehen. Wir sind ordentliche 8 km in ca. 45 Minuten gelaufen, was eine echt gute Pace ist. Die Beiden sind sehr sympathisch und die Terminfindung war easy. Weiter so!
Roos Schwagten
Roos Schwagten
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Top manier om de stad te verkennen. Leuke geschiedenis verhaaltjes en fijn gezelschap. Top tips gekregen om de stad achteraf verder te verkennen. Zeker een aanrader!
Veronica Poloneitchik
Veronica Poloneitchik
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Very nice way to discover the city while doing what I totally love, running. Our guides were super friendly locals who love their city and are both good runners so talking and running was not a problem ;-) Highly recommend this group!
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Tolle Idee- Sport und Sightseeing kombiniert. Motivation zum Laufen, schöne Strecke, interessante Infos und Anekdoten zu der schönsten Stadt am Rhein. Perfekt für Business traveler die sich nach der Arbeit noch bewegen wollen und gleichzeitig etwas von der Stadt erfahren mögen, perfekt für sportliche Touristen und genauso toll für Düsseldorfer - man erfährt definitiv noch spannendes, das man selbst noch nicht von der eigenen Stadt wusste.
Wanna Dudzik
Wanna Dudzik
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Es ist ein guter Ort, um herumzulaufen und zu essen. เป็นสถานที่ดีแห่งหนึ่งเดินเล่นก็ได้ กินข้าวก็ได้
Inneke Engels
Inneke Engels
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Great run in a beautiful city that is ideal for running. Jens and Flo will take on the pace you choose and in the meantine tell you interesting facts about Dusseldorf and its buildings. Nice experience, to be repeated and a recommendation.
Nele Hostyn
Nele Hostyn
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We had a great time combining 2 of our favorite things, running and exploring a new city 😎 Jens and Flo tell you interesting things about Düsseldorf while running and we could enjoy the views and beautiful buildings at a higher pace than you normally would. So if you and your colleagues or friends are looking for a fun way to discover Düsseldorf and you enjoy a run…this is it 🤩
Erlend von Krogh
Erlend von Krogh
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Run2Know is a great concept to combine being active and experiencing a new city. We went for a round of about 8km with a comfortable pace, which allowed the guide (Jens) to explain the areas we passed by. In addition to seeing areas of the city that a tourist normally would not visit, you get to experience the city through the experience of a Düsseldorf local. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone looking to explore Düsseldorf :)
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I would highly recommend it. There is nothing better than getting to know something new and cool about the city and nearby places while doing one of your favorite things. And trust me, its definitely more than something :) I also think its not just for those who are visiting Düsseldorf(although its GREAT for those) but also amazing for folks like me who're living here since years but never took the city tour :D I'm glad I went for this rather than the city tour. Probably will go for it again.

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You first want to learn more about the two Sightrunners that help you to RUN2KNOW Düsseldorf)
We are Jens and Flo, 2 locals from Düsseldorf that like Sport and do this Sightrunning Tours as hobby.
We prepared a whole site for you to present ourselves – Here you go:

The Sightrunners

Sightrunning in Düsseldorf with Jens and Flo
Jens and Flo – Düsseldorf Sightrunners

Sightrunning elsewhere in the world

Sightrunning is a trend that is not only valid in Düsseldorf, there are many other cities that you can explore. Run2know cities with locals helps you to know more about the city – more active than a normal Sightseeing. We usually do this also when we are abroad and collected from our experience we have some friends that we can recommend;
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