Do I need to be a superpower athlete?

NO!!! It is a relaxing sightrun. We run in the pace that is comfortable with you. If you can run 8 km in ~1 hour – 1:20 hours, then you are fine to go. If you can run faster, of course, welcome. You can also try to challenge the Sightrunners with running at high speed but this might impact our “speaking quality” 🙂

What do I need to bring?

You should wear running shoes and clothes that are compatible to sports. Nothing else. Of course on very hot days you should bring yourself a small bottle of water if you want it.

How can we pay?

Either Cash or Paypal is possible.

What do we need to pay?

Please see our conditions on our page about prices and time table

Where do we meet?

We will share the exact location via google maps / whatsapp with you. Basically we meet in the city center at a central metro station. Easy to reach. Depending on the hotel you are staying in, we could also pick you up from there and start the run from your hotel.

Is this your main profession?

No! This is just a hobby that we are doing next to our normal jobs. We do it because we love it! If you want to learn more about us, your host, the sightrunners, have a look here: The Sightrunners