You are on a business trip and want to do a running tour?
You are new to Düsseldorf and want to know where the indigenous do their own runs?
Join us on a running tour in Düsseldorf! We can show you our standard Sightrunning tour but we can offer also other running tours in the capital of NRW.

Running Tour in Düsseldorf
The best Running Tour in Düsseldorf will cross bridges

A Running Tour and a Sightrun are pretty similar – it does not matter which flavor you choose, we will do a run with you and tell you insights about Düsseldorf and later you can tell that you either did a “Running Tour” or a “Sightrun” :-).

Running tour Düsseldorf – on your Business trip

Our mission is to ensure your hearth will remember Düsseldorf!
If you are here only for a short trip, a running tour or a sightrun is the perfect thing for you to do to combine sport with Sightseeing in Düsseldorf. We will run the Sightrunning track with you and show you the highlights of Düsseldorf and give you some more tips around Sport, Culture or other Sightseeing Spots in Düsseldorf

Running tour in Düsseldorf – for expats

In case you plan to stay longer as an expat or because you want to grow roots, then our mission is different: You should have a great start and will know where to do a good run. Furthermore we will share insights with you on what are real must sees and how the heart of the city beats. Our tour will help you getting started to fall in love with the city.

But of course it must not always be the run next to the river – we can recommend also other tracks in and around Düsseldorf – in our forrest, also some kind of easy trail running or a longer run along the riverside. And of course there are different districts in Düsseldorf that wait for you to explore them by a run!

No matter what is your future – we are proud to be your hosts on a running tour – please contact us on your preferred way and we will do a running tour together!

You are a Düsseldorfer and want to do a Run?

You are from Düsseldorf and living here and want to do a running tour? Hey, why not?
Running is our passion and we love to offer it for everyone. And if you are already living in Düsseldorf, maybe we can even exchange stories about Düsseldorf – we are also eager to learn new things as you can never know enough

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Sightrunning Düsseldorf – whatelse do you want to know?

Information how to contact us, about prices and timing or about other runs we have in our portfolio?
I hope the following links will help you

(Typically we meet in Old town, walk through the old town to the Rhine river and start our runnning tour from the Schlossturm. From there we will run to the north, cross the norther bridge of Düsseldorfs central bridge family and explore the western part of Düsseldorf. There our running tour continues towards south with an amazing view on the old town / skyline. We will cross the Southern bridge and run close by the Rhine tower where we will then turn north again and finish our tour more or less where we started. We will explore the city while running but of course can make Foto stops anytime you wish 🙂