Sightrunning – do active Sightseeing

You are on a business trip and have meeting after meeting.
Afterwards you are exhausted and people want to convince you to drink a beer while you would love to do some sports and learn something about the city.

No time to be polite, do sport and see the city.

But Hey, we have the solution for you: Sightrunning!

Directly wanna book a slot to explore Düsseldorf? Here you go:

Sightrunning in general

If you have no time for Sightseeing. But you want to know about the city.
If you want to do sports abroad but actually you don’t know where to start.
If you are exhausted after a successful business day and don’t know what to do.
Sightrunning is the answer!

Also if you are an expat and are new to Düsseldorf (or any other city) – Sightrunning helps you to get connected and to learn about the city. Locals will show you special places, must sees and you will feel a bit more homish.

You can start directly here and combine running and sightseeing now with us 🙂.
You can RUN TO KNOW Düsseldorf, because we love RUNNING and we love DÜSSELDORF <3, it is a kind of passion!

Sightrunning in Düsseldorf

Check out what you can expect when you do Sightrunning in Düsseldorf with us:

While Sightruninng, you will see the Skyline of Düsseldorf
See What you can expect on “Sightrunning in Düsseldorf”
  • You will cross the Rhein river, you will see Oberkassel and also parts of the oldtown. (And more :))
  • You will get nice insights like you are used to on a good Sightseeing tour.
  • You will feel exhausted (if you fancy) as you are used to when doing sports.

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You first want to learn more about the two Sightrunners that help you to RUN2KNOW Düsseldorf: Here you go:

Sightrunning in Düsseldorf with Jens and Flo
Jens and Flo – Düsseldorf Sightrunners

Sightrunning elsewhere in the world

Actually Sightrunning is a trend that is not only valid in Düsseldorf, there are many other cities that you can explore. Run2know cities with locals helps you to know more about the city – more active than a normal Sightseeing.
Have a look on comparable concepts and visit our friends in other cities, too:

You like to go running?
Are you new in Düsseldorf or on a business trip? Get to know Düsseldorf’s most beautiful sides while running! We lead you on a casual jog through Düsseldorf’s chocolate side, the banks of the Rhine. You will get to know both sides of the Rhine and at the same time be out in the fresh air at your favorite pace. We tell you interesting facts about Düsseldorf, insiders and show you “the places to be”. Whether for just one evening or for the best time of your life. Be there and RUN 2 KNOW DÜSSELDORF!