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Medica - Internationalee Messe zum Thema Medizin

Insider #1: Medica with Sightseeing & Sport – perfect match!

Medica in Düsseldorf? What´s that?

Medica is all about Medicine innovation. It has been on the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf since 1969 – it fills 17 exhibition halls and in 2023 over 5000 exhibitors will again be showing their innovations, services and products.
This makes Medica one of the largest and largest trade fairs on the subject of medicine in the world – and that in our lovely Düsseldorf

Medica - Internationalee Messe zum Thema Medizin
Medica – Internationale fair about medicine

What else to do in Düsseldorf if you are a Medica visior?

Doctors, scientists and people enthusiastic about innovation, as well as celebrities and politicians will be here in Düsseldorf.

And that’s where Run2know would like to come into the game;
Visitors to a trade fair are often only in town for a few days and spend a large part of their time at the trade fair area. The little time that is left is always scarce and you have to weigh it up; Networking? Sightseeing? Sports?

We will help you here!
Combine sports with sightseeing and we’ll show you where you can best network :-). We’ll take you on a running tour along the Rhine river and show you interesting facts about Düsseldorf.

What can you expect at Medica?

The innovations are presented at the Medica in the context of symposiums, forums, lectures, classic trade fair boothes, conferences or with special events. In the medical sense, this involves medical technology, laboratory technology, electromedicine, physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, and of course communication technology. In addition to the actual products, the focus is also on innovative medical services.

Visit the fair to get up to date with the latest technology trends and beyond – the fair is an absolute must for doctors, scientists and associated professional groups.

An absolute highlight is the start-up park, where young companies present their innovative innovations. You can find more information about the trade fair at:

Whatelse can you do in Düsseldorf?

„I know this challenge from my own profession – I am visiting a lot of beautiful citys on business trips and need to decide every time: Running, Sightseeing or drinking beer with colleagues. Then I learned about a combination, the sightrunning concept. This helped me a lot!
This concpet we now want to offer our Medica guests. We will take you on a running tour and tell you about our city. We give you hints where to go out, where to eat and where to meet likeminded people. This is our passion and we do it with pleasure!”

Jens Voß, Sightrunner

Düsseldorf and its bridges

Do yourself a favor and do something active and take something from the city with you – this is how Düsseldorf will always be remembered. A sight run costs 30 euros for one person and the Run2Know team will be happy to accommodate you flexibly when it comes to finding an appointment.

You can contact us using this form…

… or whatsapp or just give us a call.

Book now!

The Medica is open on four days, Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Since Düsseldorf expects over 100,000 visitors here and we can only offer limited places, it is advisable to book a run now. Because we will not take more than 4 people with us on a run, otherwise the charm and personal contact will fall by the wayside.

More Infos wanted?

Of course! If you want to know how a sightrun works with us, the best place to go is on our “Sightrunning Düsseldorf” page. Here we roughly describe the route (we start and end centrally in the old town), prices (30€ per person) and times (preferably when it’s not dark ;)).

If you would like some insider tips without a sight run, you are welcome to look at Jens’ recommendations in the blog article “Sightseeing in Düsseldorf – Jens View“.

If you still have doubts, you are welcome to check our Google or Tripadvisor reviews – 4.7 stars speak for themselves 🙂

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