Insider #1: Medica with Sightseeing & Sport – perfect match!

Medica - Internationalee Messe zum Thema Medizin

Medica in Düsseldorf? What´s that?

Medica is all about Medicine innovation. It has been on the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf since 1969 – it fills 17 exhibition halls and in 2023 over 5000 exhibitors will again be showing their innovations, services and products.
This makes Medica one of the largest and largest trade fairs on the subject of medicine in the world – and that in our lovely Düsseldorf

Medica - Internationalee Messe zum Thema Medizin
Medica – Internationale fair about medicine

What else to do in Düsseldorf if you are a Medica visior?

Doctors, scientists and people enthusiastic about innovation, as well as celebrities and politicians will be here in Düsseldorf.

And that’s where Run2know would like to come into the game;
Visitors to a trade fair are often only in town for a few days and spend a large part of their time at the trade fair area. The little time that is left is always scarce and you have to weigh it up; Networking? Sightseeing? Sports?

We will help you here!
Combine sports with sightseeing and we’ll show you where you can best network :-). We’ll take you on a running tour along the Rhine river and show you interesting facts about Düsseldorf.

What can you expect at Medica?

The innovations are presented at the Medica in the context of symposiums, forums, lectures, classic trade fair boothes, conferences or with special events. In the medical sense, this involves medical technology, laboratory technology, electromedicine, physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, and of course communication technology. In addition to the actual products, the focus is also on innovative medical services.

Visit the fair to get up to date with the latest technology trends and beyond – the fair is an absolute must for doctors, scientists and associated professional groups.

An absolute highlight is the start-up park, where young companies present their innovative innovations. You can find more information about the trade fair at:

Whatelse can you do in Düsseldorf?

„I know this challenge from my own profession – I am visiting a lot of beautiful citys on business trips and need to decide every time: Running, Sightseeing or drinking beer with colleagues. Then I learned about a combination, the sightrunning concept. This helped me a lot!
This concpet we now want to offer our Medica guests. We will take you on a running tour and tell you about our city. We give you hints where to go out, where to eat and where to meet likeminded people. This is our passion and we do it with pleasure!”

Jens Voß, Sightrunner

Düsseldorf and its bridges

Do yourself a favor and do something active and take something from the city with you – this is how Düsseldorf will always be remembered. A sight run costs 30 euros for one person and the Run2Know team will be happy to accommodate you flexibly when it comes to finding an appointment.

You can contact us using this form…

… or whatsapp or just give us a call.

Book now!

The Medica is open on four days, Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Since Düsseldorf expects over 100,000 visitors here and we can only offer limited places, it is advisable to book a run now. Because we will not take more than 4 people with us on a run, otherwise the charm and personal contact will fall by the wayside.

More Infos wanted?

Of course! If you want to know how a sightrun works with us, the best place to go is on our “Sightrunning Düsseldorf” page. Here we roughly describe the route (we start and end centrally in the old town), prices (30€ per person) and times (preferably when it’s not dark ;)).

If you would like some insider tips without a sight run, you are welcome to look at Jens’ recommendations in the blog article “Sightseeing in Düsseldorf – Jens View“.

If you still have doubts, you are welcome to check our Google or Tripadvisor reviews – 4.7 stars speak for themselves 🙂

4,9 Sterne bei 7 Rezensionen

We are happy meeting you soon!!!

Run2know meets Stadtpfade

Stadtpfade meets run2know

Stadtpfade Kerstin meets the Run2know team for a nice Sightrun!

Today we invited our colleagues from Stadtpfade Düsseldorf to our Sighhtrunning tour with us in Düsseldorf – we wanted to verify if our concept would be a good fit for the programs offered at Stadtpfade. Here you can find various tours around Düsseldorf that are not “typical” Sightseeing tours but more looking for the special thing.
You can book for example Foto shooting tours, a shopping Tour, a Tour about the Kö, Punk, Art and breweries and many other special tours.
All tours are concepts that you cannot find in every city – it is really discovering the “city pathes” (Stasdtpfade) of Düsseldorf

We thought that a “sporty tour” like Sightrunnig would perfectly harmonize with this concept and arrenged our date.
So we met at Heinrich Heinee Allee and started a very wet run2know Düsseldorf Tour. We did not only exchange small nice stories around Düsseldorf but really felt that we have a common understanding of a modern and customer oriented guidance through the city. Because it is not a job it is a passion. And it is not the numbers that matters, it is the spirit the tourists, expats or new joiners in Düsseldorf will feel.

Kerstin from Stadtpfade with Run2know team
Kerstin from Stadtpfade with Run2know team

After a short track (thanx to the whether) and ~5 km we finished our nice run2know Düsseldorf tour and Kerstin from Stadtpfade is now an officially certified “Run2know Düsseldorf” Runner.

70 km hike (or escape from Köln) – what you need

Basics for a 70 km hike

All you need to survive 70 km hike / escape.

As we are planning for it now we collect again all the items that are needed for a 70 km march … In 6 days it we will start, so I take this as a good reminder to consider what is important and record it directly for the future marches.

We will write more about the escape from Cologne in another post 🙂

The most important things in a list format – with links to more detailed descriptions:

Shoes for hiking 70 km

Sounds trivial, but think about it … To walk 70 km means being more than 15 hours on your feet. ,Means15 hours in your shoes. Hence the recommendation: In any case, take shoes that you feel comfortable with. No time for experiments. I always prefer jogging shoes, I think flat hiking shoes could also be suitable. Comfortable in any case!

Socken & Ersatzsocken

Wandersocken – wer braucht denn sowas? Dachte ich…
Aber sie sind schon sehr bequem und supporten einen langen Marsch mit Bequemlichkeit am Fuß. Noch wichtiger als Wandersocken ist es aber Ersatzsocken einzustecken. Es fühlt sich an wie ein Satz neuer Reifen und die folgenden Meter nach Sockenwechsel sind einfach schln.

cooles Ersatz T-Shirt

Vergleichbar mit den Socken – ein Shirtwechsel wirkt auch wunder. Irgendwann ist es einfach durchgeschwitzt und ein neues trockenes Shirt auf der Haut zu haben ist eine Wohltat bei all den Strapazen. Ich setze hier auf Laufshirts oder Trikots oder aber speziell für den Marsch designte T-Shirts.

Regenponcho (geht nicht ohne!)

Bis jetzt musste ich ihn noch nie nutzen. Und ich denke das liegt daran, dass ich ihn immer mit hatte. Wenn es mal soweit ist und es wirklich regnet bin ich gewappnet; Ich habe einen Poncho der leichtgewichtig ist und -in Sekundenschnelle ganz einfach- sowohl über Kopf, Körper als auch Rucksack geht. Ich hoffe im Falle der Fälle hält er auch trocken.

FFP2 Maske

Kein Kommentar – in Coronazeiten ein Muss…
Besonders wenn man das Bayerwerk passiert, dann hat die FFP2 Maske auch einen Job ohne Corona.

Sonnenbrille & Sonnencreme

Ohne Sonnenbrille lockt man die Sonne nicht an. Ohne Sonnencreme riecht es nicht nach Sommer. Beides zwei MUSS Objekte die zu einer Wanderung gehören, auch wenn man nach Norden marschiert und demnach die Sonne eher selten direkt im Gesicht hat.

Blasenpflaster & Pflaster (Lebensretter)

Wenn irgendwann ein Zeh ein ganz klein bisschen weh tut… direkt stehenbleiben und Blasencheck machen. Aus Erfahrung: Es gibt wenig schlimmeres als eine Blase laufen und man hat noch 10 oder mehr Kilometer vor sich. Auf der anderen Seite gibt es wenig mehr “Wohltuenderes” als ein Blasenpflaster zu verwenden. Bei erstmaliger Verwendung ruhig kurz googlen (Ich habe mich gewundert, aber ja – Blase nicht aufmachen und einfach draufkleben… klappt!)


Eine Art Doping – regelmäßig die Beinmuskulatur mit Salbe eincremen, das hilft. Es entspannt die Muskeln und gibt von innen Energie. Wie früher beim Fussball. Das Zeug hilft einfach müde Muskeln wieder munter zu machen


Taschentücher. Als Klopapierersatz oder als Taschentuch eben. Ich habe es bisher nur als Taschentuch gebraucht und das soll auch so bleiben, aber man weiß ja nie…


Power Riegel

Notfall Snickers or Mr. Tom

5 Minuten Terrine


Thermobecher mit Heißem Wasser



Powerbank incl. Kabel



Sightskating Düsseldorf – Crazy idea coming true?

Sightskating Düsseldorf - No rocks, just roll through the city

Never thought about this – until yesterday.
I was / I am even nor sure if Sightskating exists at all or if it was inve

It was a beatiful day and I wanted to visit a friend in Kaiserswerth. I was thinking about the Sightrunning concept being on my Inline skates as it would be too much for a short visit to run 10 km each direction.

Sightskating in Düsseldorf – No Rock just roll!

Now, passing by the river I thought about what would I tell here, what is interesting about the scenery?

And what would I be interested in in other cities?

And there is a bsic need for each skater: We need good asphalt, a good ground.
And ideally some track where we can skate without too many traffic lights and ideally without too many other people – which is of course impossible.

Sightskating – what to do now ?

Now if you are in Düsseldorf for a short visit and would like to explore the city also on Inline skates – get in touch with me! I offer a round of skating together a nice track along the river or any other scenery that is interesting for you in Düsseldorf. I will combine it with element of our Sightrunning tour and will find out if Sightskating is something that I would like to add to my usual program.

The first tour will be free as i want to give it a try :-).

Sightseeing Düsseldorf – Jens’ View on his 5 beloved highlights!

You are not from Germany but you are in Düsseldorf for a business trip. And you consider Sightseeing Düsseldorf… what comes to your mind when you hear this ?
Altbeer, Altstadt…. maybe the rhine tower. But then it stops ?
Well, I believe you need somebody who truly loves the city, then you can enjoy the spirit of the city, too.

I travelled to multiple countries & cities in the world, I am always curious and really like many cities. I saw good tours and also not so good sightseeing tours.
I believe, a good sightseeing does not only depend on the city, it strongly depends on the guide. After seeing so many cities in the world, I want to give something back and (give my best) to offer “being a good guide” to -especially sporty- tourists that arrive in Düsseldorf.

But what to see and where to start ?
I would like to describe here my personal 5 Highlights that are “must does” when being in Düsseldorf

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Spot 1 – The Oldtown

Sightseeing Düsseldorf - Oldtown
Sightseeing Düsseldorf – Oldtown in the evening before it is getting crowded

Well… that is an easy and expected choice I guess? But yes, the hearth of the city beats here. If you want to experience Düsseldorf, you will tackle the old town with its unique culture. When I was 21 I described the difference between Düsseldorf and other cities: “If you are in any city in the world and want to party or drink a beer, you decide where to go, go there and enjoy the evening. If you are in Düsseldorf, you first go to the Oldtown and then you can decide what to do because everything is possible”.

This describes maybe more a feeling of a young guy and a bit less of the reality… but there is a deep truth in it. Bar next to bar, restaurantes and a lot of freedom to walk around offers you so many choices.

I’d love to tell you more about it in a personal talk, in a Sightrun – there are so many options and something for each taste.

But party & drinks are not everything there. You will find cute churches, you will find “the Schlossturm” and the big stairs with a beautiful view on the river. I believe at a certain point I will write a blog to show a “city walk” for Düsseldorf with my recommended places “togo”

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Spot 2 – Oberkassel & “The little Skyline”

Sightseeing Düsseldorf - Amazing view from Oberkassel
Sightseeing Düsseldorf – Amazing view from Oberkassel. Rare shot with snow, flood and the wheel.

There is a river in Düsseldorf, the Rhine. Without the Rhine Düsseldorf would not be the same city as it is. Now there are a few areas that are on the Western part of the Rhine (“Schäl sick”) while most of the city is on the Eastern part. I am born on the Schäl sick in Oberkassel and have a bias to that part.

The green grass, the river, the bridges, the view… It is nothing “big” or huge skyscrappers that get your attention – no, it is really a view into the hearth of the city over a river.

In the evening you see the Oldtown in shiny light and can drink a beer on the green grass.
During the day you can do there a long walk and enjoy the scenery.
And in some special times of the year, you will face the “Düsseldorfer Kirmes” exactly on that place.

During a sightrun, for sure I will show this place, where we can tell you also a story about a bridge that was being moved from one place to another 🙂

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Spot 3 – The Rhinepark (Rheinpark)

Sightseeing Düsseldorf - Rheinpark
Sightseeing Düsseldorf – Rheinpark, the blue band. Beautiful view at spring time

The Northern Part of the Rheinpark is located in walking distance of the old town. To me it was a not very beloved place – it was simply some green area that I never used. But in the past years I realized how much you can get there. It is nature, it is sports and it is events. And even culture ;-).

There are various pieces of art in the Rheinpark that you might not realize if you do not explicitly search for them.

The history of the park is quiete amazing, from a stomp area it developed to the place that we today can use for Sports.

Playing soccer or baseball even cricket and Baseball you see there or any other kind of sports. For sure everyday a high number of runners pass by this park.

Finally also the nature tells its stories here – a big storm called “Ela” in 2014 killed close to 50% of all trees in the park – old, big trees, I still miss them especially in summer when there is nowadays less shadow than it was in the years before.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Spot 4 – MyClub, Fortuna Düsseldorf

Sightseeing Düsseldorf - Atmosphere in Arena
Sightseeing Düsseldorf – Atmosphere in Arena 2009 when we turned from 3rd into 2nd division.

If you want to feel how a city really beats – go with native people to a sport event. Don’t sit somewhere, no, go to the crowd and feel the spirit. Breathe the city!
This I love to do in other countries, in other cities…. and this I recommend also to you to do in Düsseldorf

I have to admit that the scenery changed in the recent years. It used to be one big crowd and very emotional with a lot of positive energy. In the recent years it calmed a bit down. Still completely peaceful, still with positive energy but not as loud as it was used to be. But things will also change again positively.

If you are in Düsseldorf and have the chance…. take it! The Arena (Merkur Spiel Arena AKA Rheinstadion) is easy to reach with the subway, you can get a very good beer in the stadium and even if you “only” sit somewhere in the arena, you will take something out of it. (Of course even better if you can get into the crowd :-))

Sightseeing Düsseldorf - This is the beat of the city. You can (not) see below one of the white papers :-).
Sightseeing Düsseldorf – This is the beat of the city. You can (not) see below one of the white papers :-).

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Spot 5 – The biggest digital watch in the world

sightseeing düsseldorf - the rhinetower very close
Sightseeing Düsseldorf –
The rhinetower from close up perspective

The Rhinetower…. of course, it must be one of the hightlights. Actually I MUST mention it because it is the spot that you use to identify Düsseldorf when you are approaching it from any direction. The first thing that you will see is always this long tower.

When I was doing hiking trips from any direction (Add links here, Jens 🙂), the TV tower was always coming in sight at a certain point and it generates a feeling: Coming home!

The tower itself -I fear- is not that beautiful but it has its secrets;

From outside the funny lights are actually a big watch – if you join us on a Sightrun, I will challenge myself and try to teach you this watch while we are running in less than 60 seconds. Furthermore there are from time to time laser shows that are really exceptional

Inside the tower you will have an amazing view over Düsseldorf. And not only that, on top you have also a restaurant with a really special feature: It has big panorama windows and while you are eating and sitting, the restaurant makes a 360 degree turn within 1 hour, hence you will have the chance to look into every direction without even moving.

Isn’t this amazing?

This is just my opinion – Jens (learn more about me if you fancy ;))

Anf of course, take the chance and book a sightrun with us!

But way more important:
What are your favorite spots?